Check Out these Popular Free PC Games

We all love a good free PC game that we can play whenever we need to give the brain a break. With so many free PC games to sample, it’s hard to figure out the next one you should check out. 

In fact, there are thousands of free-to-play PC games that you can download through Steam or via official websites. But just because the numbers are high doesn’t mean the quality is high. 

Players appreciate free gaming, but it just isn’t worth it if the game is terrible. So we’re going to give you a hand here and tell you about popular free PC games that also meet the quality test. 

Check Out these Popular Free PC Games
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Valorant is a character-based 5 versus 5 shooter game developed by Riot Games. It is the first multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game developed by the company and has had major success since its release in June 2020. 

Players take control of characters known as Agents. Agents have a specific set of abilities that either obscures pathways, creates obstacles, or any other abilities that help them during battle.

The game is played with a team of 5 players against an enemy team and each player starts with a classic handgun and their abilities. 

Players can then purchase more weapons after earning money based on the results from previous rounds of the game. The team that eliminates all the players from the opposing team wins the round and the round is restarted.

Game Modes

Valorant has different modes for players to have fun with. The standard Competitive Mode is for those who want to express their skills and rank up on the leaderboard. 

Deathmatch Mode is a 10-minute free-for-all match with 14 players locked inside a map and the player who gets the most kills wins the match.

Valorant has been compared heavily to other team-based FPS games like Counterstrike but the comparison ended when the game was fully launched and became an entity on its own. 

Today, Valorant enjoys millions of registered players and an upcoming esports tournament.

League of Legends

Speaking of Riot Games, another more popular game that the developer has released is League of Legends. League of Legends has been considered the most played PC game for several years now.

Released over 10 years ago, the game pits a team of 5 players against another team using different characters called Champions. The goal of the game is very simple – destroy the enemy base. 

However, the complex strategy and teamwork allow the game to be more than just simply eliminating your enemy and destroying their base. Players will have to master their chosen Champions use innovative strategy.

League of Legends has been part of the esports scene since its inception. The esports side of the game is one of the most successful esports franchise and has been recently awarded in this year’s The Game Awards. 

Check Out these Popular Free PC Games
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Hearthstone is a trading card game based on Warcraft lore created by Blizzard Entertainment. The game features different items, characters, and the art style that fans of the Warcraft series have come to love. 

Featuring a seamless gameplay mechanic, Hearthstone pits two players against each other with their deck of cards. They duel using the cards to either summon monsters to protect the player or cast spells.

Winning the game is not quite simple as players will have to contend with the strategy behind building your deck of cards. Some decks might counter the effects of others so players must read the opponent properly to gain an advantage.

Complex, highly strategic, and fun to play, this free-to-play card game has seen its popularity rise over the years. It also has a very rabid following over at Twitch. Hearthstone is available for PC through the Blizzard website.


Many game developers today get into free-to-play PC games because of the huge audiences they bring in. And despite the fact that they’re free to play, developers provide in-game cosmetic items that players purchase. 

The advantage of free PC games is clearly that you can download them for free. But developers are going beyond that so you not only get free games but ones like above that give you amazing graphics and gameplay too.