Could there be a New Guitar Hero Game in the Works?

Some moves made by the company that created Guitar Hero have people believing that a new Guitar Hero game is in the works.  Guitar Hero rode to instant success when it made its debut in 2005. 

The relative amount of shelf space devoted solely to plastic guitars was proof back then that the game was off the charts. But strangely enough, the game disappeared off our radars as quickly as it arrived. 

Outside of the Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4’s 2015 release, no rock’n roll inspired games have cut the mustard. That’s why fans are hoping that the rumors of Guitar Hero’s comeback are true. 

Could there be a New Guitar Hero Game in the Works?
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Guitar Hero’s Success

Harmonix created the first Guitar Hero game and launched it in 2005 to resounding success from critics and fans alike. Gamers had never seen anything like Guitar Hero before.  

In specific, players were attracted to the unusual rhythm-based gameplay of the game that needed the use of a unique guitar controller. This interest would be the basis of the further growth of the franchise.

Following this success, Harmonix predictably released a reboot and spin-off in 2006 and 2007 respectively. With the development of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock passed on to Neversoft, the series was acquired by Activision.

This entry really proved the value of the Guitar Hero formula. Even to this day, Guitar Hero III is considered the best in the series. Its immense popularity spoke for itself as the first game in history to cross a billion dollars worth of sales.

Could there be a New Guitar Hero Game in the Works?
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The Faded Hype of Guitar Hero

After Harmonix, the development of the Guitar Hero franchise was turned over to Neversoft. Harmonix then began working on Rock Band, Guitar Hero’s most prominent competitor. 

Since Guitar Hero was challenged by Rock Band by offering players the option to jam out on either drums, guitar, bass, or vocals, Guitar Hero added the same features to the rest of the sequels of Guitar Hero to stay significant.

The momentum laid down by Guitar Hero 3 disappeared and an overwhelming excessive amount of music games and accessories imploded on the market.

Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero were packaged in enormous boxes filled with plastic guitars and drums. This makes each game not only costly to buy but also to produce. 

Could There Be a New Guitar Hero Game In the Works?

Activision recently filed a patent application that has sparked expectations that the publisher is planning to revive the Guitar Hero brand. As RespawnFirst has stated, the patent application, filed on 27 June, relates to the guitar controller. 

It doesn’t actually namecheck Guitar Hero, but it shows an illustration of what undeniably looks like a controller for Guitar Hero

The patent application’s text reads, “A music-based video game provides a user-directed sound generation feature.”  A video game controller simulating a musical instrument is mentioned in the application.

The information also goes on to say that the user can control in the same way as its actual musical instrument counterpart. We also find out that there is a freeplay feature in whatever this game might be. 

Could there be a New Guitar Hero Game in the Works?
Image source: Only SP


Guitar Hero itself has been inactive since 2015, when Guitar Hero Live, the last iteration of the series, was released.  But after Guitar Hero Live in 2015 struggled to produce impressive sales, Activision kept quiet.

Activision eventually sold FreeStyleGame, the company that created the 2015 title, to Ubisoft. But since Activision itself has filed the patent we mentioned above, there is a strong possibility that a new Guitar Hero is coming.