Discover the Avatar Video Game Here

Get ready to loot unobtanium people very soon. Ubisoft Studio, the company behind the apocalyptic shooter game The Division, is working on developing a video game that is set in the Avatar Universe.

The announcement of this game has come 8 years after the groundbreaking Avatar film and it is just a few days after the announcement of the Avatar 2 movie that was set to start filming in the month of August.

As per the press release, there are 4 sequels to the Avatar movie that are currently under development and Lightstorm. Massive and Fox Interactive are working hard together to come up with a game that will expand on them. 

Discover the Avatar Video Game Here
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How Did the Film Change Our Way of Thinking?

Lightstorm Entertainment and James Cameron certainly changed our way of thinking about immersive storytelling through the first Avatar, and their goals for the next film will mix things up even more. 

James Cameron agreed to the project after he had viewed a prototype of the new game that was running on Massive’s Snowdrop game engine and this is the same engine they had used in The Division.

What Is Most Impressive About This Game?

What is most impressive about the new game – this is according to James Cameron, is that the group’s passion for the project and the power they have with the Snowdrop Engine is quite impressive. 

He also believes that Ubisoft is the right partner to bring in the beauty and the dangers of Pandora back to life. 

Oddly, one of the critiques that there were there about The Division was that it was a little bland when it came to killing humans.

It was indicated that the game would have been more interesting if there had been aliens and giants and demons, or something similar to that. 

Well, with the Avatar video game, the fans might just get what they have been craving for.

The Massive Company

The Massive Company is in on the production and trying their hand at this as well, given that Pandora is a world that is inhabited by all sorts of nasty, beautiful, and scary creatures. 

It is quite intriguing to see the potential that this game has and although it is a little worry, the fact that Ubisoft will be there to assist gives most people plenty to look forward to.

Like Avatar, it is expected that the game will have a Bethesda-style of open-world that will serve the universe better or a BioWare-style game that has an emphasis on role-playing and storytelling. 

What Do People Know About the Game So Far?

Well, there is very little that is known for now about the new game, as it is still in its early stages, but we are waiting eagerly with excitement and anticipation to see what it will encompass. 

Many fans are already setting up for the new video game. The hope is that the design and gameplay will be interesting and unique and will feature the film’s universe. 

The potential is quite enormous at this point and everything, the flight on the backs of the banshees and the battles with the massive mecha and aliens, is expected to feature in the game.

We are just wondering whether the game will toy with VR at all and if there will be a demand for a virtual reality treatment of the game that synchs data with giant blue aliens. 

Discover the Avatar Video Game Here
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Ubisoft already released a video game of Avatar in 2009, and this was actually meant to be the prequel to the movie, but it was received with mixed and negative reactions. Most people never even played the game.

But old games turning into new ones often has developers working overtime, so we should expect that the new game to have everything needed to make it worthy of the Avatar title.