The Best Video Games for Learning to Read

Learning to read doesn’t have to take the form of drill-sergeant exercises, it can be done with video games that help children learn how to read. They may be fun, but can help your child get a solid groundwork for academic success.

Reading games promote and build comprehension skills in early phonics and reading. Still, trying to teach your child the way you learned to read? Take the worry of teaching your children how to read off your chest. 

Letting children read and play phonics games makes teaching the skills to your children quick and efficient. Up next we’re going to tell you about some of the best video games for learning how to read. 

The Best Video Games for Learning to Read
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Sight Words – PreK to 3rd Grade Sight Word Games

One of the best ways to learn competencies of pronunciation is through sight words. This app made the vocabulary lists short and simple but incredibly useful, making it easy for children to have a good time playing sight word games.  

Remember, after downloading Sight Words, to select and adjust the grade level. We recommend that you start at pre-k (pre-school) and then work towards the first grade, second grade, third grade.

Kids Learn to Read

Kids Learn to Read has two apps to choose from: if your kids don’t yet know the alphabet sounds, your go-to app would be the Kids ABC Phonics app. And if your kids still need to learn or practice the letter names, try the ABC Letters app for Kids.

In this app, teach your kids to mix letter sounds into words by moving Tommy the Turtle across the bridge. Children can form words in a fun way by turning real-looking blocks with letters on each side until spelling out the word.

Each section is designed to allow children to enjoy success from time to time and receive positive reinforcement from their “personal teacher,” so they wish to continue learning. 

You can relax once your child is involved and happy, with the assurance that they have tremendous time-and learning for $2.99 via Apple Store

Phonics: Reading Games for Kids & Spelling Apps

Start colorful fireworks, send the beautiful ABCD characters on an elevator ride, and launch a deep rocket! The children themselves do not notice they are learning to read while playing with the fun characters.

Super Phonics uses its unique methodology based on the phonics. Children learn to recognize relationships with sound-spelling and word families like CAT, BAT, HAT, & FLAT. 

Children see the repeating combinations of letters throughout the game and remember the sounds each produces. Each letter and sound in the game is the product of professional voice work that helps kids develop pronunciation.

Read with Phonics – Phonics Games

Read with Phonics games is a colorful and interactive way for your child to learn their phonics sounds through fun games! 

These phonics games improve letter and sound recognition and are a great stepping stone to help your little ones on their reading journey. Read with phonics is made by teachers, in line with modules and pre-school adjustments.

Having pre-school teachers behind the app, Phonics is the only educational app for kids with positive grading. Over 1,200 words and pictures, your kid can encounter colorful graphics and animations.

First Grade Learning Games

First Grade Learning Games offers 21 fun games to help your child learn lessons in first grade. Learn how to read, spell, math, fractions, STEM, science, compound words, contractions, geography, dinosaurs, fossils, animals, and more! 

Whether they are just beginning first grade or need to review and master the topics, this is an ideal learning aid for children ages 6-8. In those games, math, language, science, STEM, and critical thinking abilities are tested and practiced. 

Plus, your student or child will enjoy helping voice narration, colorful pictures and animations, and lots of fun sounds and music. 

The Best Video Games for Learning to Read
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With the above games, you can teach your children to learn how to read anywhere with ease. These games are available on all the leading app stores as well as online via respective websites.