The Importance of a Nether Portal in Minecraft

A Nether Portal is an obsidian-made structure which allows a player to move between the Overworld and the Nether. They were added to Minecraft as part of the October 2010 Halloween Update. 

The Nether is an otherworldly realm that Minecraft players can reach by constructing a Nether portal from obsidian blocks. Usually, the Nether is much more dangerous than the Overworld, with swarms of hostile creatures. 

It also has critical Nether fortifications, and environmental hazards like lava. This article will discuss the importance of the Nether Portal and how to make it! 

The Importance of a Nether Portal in Minecraft
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Nether Portal: Overview

The Nether update brings fresh mechanics, gangs, and functionality of the biome to the hellish level. A Nether Portal consists of an obsidian rectangular frame. 

It is unnecessary to trigger the Portal for the four corner blocks of the frame, but Portals created by the game will also contain these. 

Adjacent Nether Portals can share Obsidian blocks with others. Nether Portals isn’t going to work underwater.

What is the Nether Portal For & Why is it Important? 

When a player stands for 4 seconds inside an active Nether Portal in the Overworld, they are teleported to the Nether and vice versa. A player may move out of a portal, if needed, before completing its animation to abort the teleport. 

A linking portal would be created when a player ends up in the Nether the first time a portal is used. This portal connection can be used to return to the Overworld linked Portal. 

Creating several Overworld portals within a certain vicinity will lead to the same Nether portal and vice-versa. All linked portals will remain active, but the Nether Portal will only lead to the nearest portal. 

Note that crowds and artifacts will pass through the portal. Be prepared for the possibility of violent or friendly mobs from the Nether coming into the Overworld through a portal or of Overworld mobs ending up in the Nether.

Portal Connections

There is only one Nether per world, so all the portals created in the world lead to the same Nether. It allows players to use the Nether as an alternate route between two points in the Overworld (e.g., to reach outside a sealed mine or house). 

The Overworld-Nether travel distance ratio is 8:1 (every 1 block distance traversed in the Nether is 8 blocks in the Overworld). 

It means a player can cross the distances of Overworld even more effortlessly by walking through the Nether and creating new portal locations that end up in the Overworld 8 times further.

How to Build a Nether Portal

Part 1: Mine Obsidian Blocks

You need Obsidian blocks to build your Nether Portal Frame. You need a water bottle, a diamond pickaxe, and a Red-hot lava pool to get obsidian! 

  • Phase 1: Fill your bucket with water, and collect water.
  • Phase 2: Locate a lava pool and sprinkle with the water.
  • Phase 3: Recover the water from the empty bucket until the lavas cool down.
  • Phase 4: Using diamond pickaxe to mine the corresponding obsidian.

Part 2: Create Flint and Steel

  • Phase 1: Upgrade your Furnace.
  • Phase 2: Put the iron ore in the square above.
  • Phase 3: Put fuel like wood, charcoal, and coal into the bottom square — everything that burns up.
  • Phase 4: Drag down the resulting iron ingot into your warehouse.
  • Phase 5: Open your Table for Crafting.
  • Phase 6: Place an iron ingot in the left column over the top square.
  • Phase 7: In the middle column, put one flint inside the center square.
  • Phase 8: Drag down the steel and flint tool into your inventory.

Note: To produce multiple iron ingots in a single sitting, you can put more than one iron ore and one fuel into the furnace at once. The furnace will continue to smelt until all or one of the resources is exhausted or shut the furnace.

Part 3: Start Building 

  • Phase 1: Position four blocks of obsidian to the table.
  • Phase 2: Stack four obsidian blocks currently on the ground at the left side. That generates a five block board.
  • Phase 3: Stack four obsidian blocks, currently on the field, on the right board. That generates a five block board.
  • Phase 4: Using two obsidian blocks to link the two columns;
  • Phase 5: Switch and pick your flint and steel or fire charge from your inventory to the Hotbar. To ignite the portal, execute the following:
    • PC – Right-click any obsidian block on its inner side.
    • Console – Pick any obsidian block’s inner hand, and press the left trigger button.
    • Phone – Hit any obsidian block on its inner side.

Note: One block in the Nether is equivalent to eight blocks in the Overworld, so be careful how far off the Nether Portal you are from.


The Importance of a Nether Portal in Minecraft
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You have an option to build an end portal in Minecraft. Invading an underground Fortress is the only way to reach an End Portal in Survival mode. Try out these tips and start mining!